United Vidden

Shattered by her father’s decision to deny her the throne as the first female heir of Dravidia, Princess Verena Elidena Destavi of House Drav makes the worst mistake of her life: She runs away.  


Her departure, days before her wedding to the heir of the Principality of Aulden, throws her nation into war. In a desperate bid to reverse the consequences of her choice, the princess returns to planet Jorn, anxious to prove herself worthy to rule. But it is too late. The princess finds her kingdom conquered by Prince Amiel ra Aulden. Now, Verena must earn back her birthright as well as the trust of her people.


Dark forces are rising across Thyrein’s Galactic Wall, threatening the stability of the Intergalactic Alliance of Planets. A war with the indigenous Gortive population on the continent of Parthia is inevitable. The resulting chaos and destruction from her decision to flee have made the continent of Vidden vulnerable. Queen Verena must unite Dravidia and Aulden in time to defend Vidden against a Gortive offensive. Can she become the great queen her people need her to be?

Reviewed by Carolina Restrepo for Readers' Favorite:United Vidden by Fern Brady is surprisingly original and innovative, considering that it is an intergalactic world type of story. It is unlike anything I have read before in that genre. I believe Verena to be a very relatable character, especially because of her growth and how she soon discovers what real life is like and how she adapts to continuous changes. This novel never stops surprising the reader. There is a lot of action but also very raw human connections, which make it a little more realistic and harder to lose focus. Overall, United Vidden is an extremely original and creative novel that definitely leaves you wanting more and more out of it. I can’t wait for the sequel. United Vidden has a lot of potential in the current commercial world we live in.

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