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United Vidden

Thyrein's Galactic Wall Series, Book 1

Shattered by her father’s decision to deny her the throne as the first female heir of Dravidia, Princess Verena Elidena Destavi of House Drav makes the worst mistake of her life: She runs away.  


Her departure, days before her wedding to the heir of the Principality of Aulden, throws her nation into war. In a desperate bid to reverse the consequences of her choice, the princess returns to planet Jorn, anxious to prove herself worthy to rule. But it is too late. The princess finds her kingdom conquered by Prince Amiel ra Aulden. Now, Verena must earn back her birthright as well as the trust of her people.


Dark forces are rising across Thyrein’s Galactic Wall, threatening the stability of the Intergalactic Alliance of Planets. A war with the indigenous Gortive population on the continent of Parthia is inevitable. The resulting chaos and destruction from her decision to flee have made the continent of Vidden vulnerable. Queen Verena must unite Dravidia and Aulden in time to defend Vidden against a Gortive offensive. Can she become the great queen her people need her to be?

A Horapion in Hollywood

Eclectically Carnal, The Eclectic Series, Book 1

In this steamy twist of beauty and the beast, a horapion finds love in Hollywood and is set free at last. But what exactly is a horapion? Find out in this quirky tale of passion.


Eclectically Carnal, The Eclectic Series, Book 1

In this post-apocalyptic tale set in the Rio Grande Valley, a stuck-up socialite must find a way to survive. Will her social climbing ways help her now?

EBook Final Cover.jpg
Not This Time

Eclectically Criminal, The Eclectic Series, ​Book 2

A young boy recognizes the man whom he witnessed dispose of a body many years ago. In need of money, he decides to blackmail the killer. Will he get away with the scheme?


Eclectically Heroic, The Eclectic Series, Book 5

The legendary knight, Lord Sabred Udeep, is called upon to deal with a rage of space dragons attacking the shipping lanes. After discovering the dragon’s home base, Sabred must find and kill the alpha if he is to stop the attacks. Can the warrior defeat the mighty space dragon?

EM Cover Front Only.jpg
Merlin and the Rajin

Eclectically Magical, The Eclectic Series, Book 6

A young boy from earth named, Merlin, is being pursued by bullies until he discovers a seemingly ordinary object in the forest. Join Merlin as he takes a journey into the cosmos in this unique twist to the wizard of legend’s origin story.


In The Questions

This poem is a response to Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s, poem Ulyssis. Written from the perspective of Queen Penelope, it uses the same style as Tennyson’s original.

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Mr. Landen’s Library: The Heir

Coming soon!

Tired of the burden being the keeper of the special collection volumes, Mr. Landen takes drastic measures to ensure no one else is hurt. Will the new heir do a better job?

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Perceptions: Bullying, The Perceptions Series, Book 2

In this poem, a flower discovers her value doesn’t depend on the opinions of her fellow flora.

Cover Front Friendship.jpg
Gingerbread House

Perceptions: Friendship, The Perceptions Series, Book 3

A young girl’s discovery of a gingerbread house leads her to make an important choice. Confronted by Rajin Horsef, she learns a valuable lesson in friendship and respect.

Ella 2.jpg
Picture Day, Ella!

Ella, a rambunctious black Labrador, heads to auntie’s house for her portrait. Enjoy this entertaining story of the struggle of one precocious pup who tries to be good for picture day.

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Smiley Face Blatoon

A platoon of smiley face balloons takes a trip around the world in this lovely award-winning picture book poem.


Texas Short Stories, Volume 2

In a world designed to keep everyone safe, Todd fights for his freedom. Can he keep the government blind to his activities?


Waves of Passion, Guild Waves Series, Volume 2

Kyle and Salima’s love goes against the government’s regulations. Will they be allowed to follow their heart?

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