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My short stories and poems can be found in various anthology collections featured on my home page. Here are my award-winning children's picture books.  These are published under my pen name, Lady Nefari Ydarb, a Cliektess from the desert region of planet Jorn. You can purchase these directly from my publisher or on other online retailers.

The Smiley Face Blatoon

Illustrated by Araceli Casas

Have you ever watched balloons float away into a summer sky? This picture book, written by Lady Nefari Ydarb and illustrated by Araceli Casas, hypothesizes the journey a platoon of Smiley Face balloons might take as they travel around the world.  Written in couplets, the book includes educator materials for parents and teachers to extend the reading.  

The book is available in a Spanish/English version which recently won a 5-Star review from Readers Favorite.

"The reason I gave this book a 5 star review is because days after reading The Smiley Face Blatoon my four year old was still thinking about it and discussing it! He loved the geography aspect of the book and it really inspired his creativity and curiosity. He had a very personal attachment to the smiley balloons and wanted to be on the adventure with them! Well written, engaging and just plain cute!"

Lilmulder, Amazon Review

Picture Day, Ella!

Illustrated Version Coming Soon

Ella Peluchie is having a hard time getting her portrait taken.  Auntie and Dad don't seem to understand which is her best side. Frustrated, the Labrador just wants to go outside and swim in that large water bowl Auntie has in her backyard. Will Ella's portrait come out right? This book, as indeed all books from Inklings Children Division, includes educator materials so that parents and teachers can engage children into a deeper discussion and exploration of the texts.

This version feature real pictures of Ella. An illustrated version is coming soon.


Volume 2 in the Perception Series Anthology

My poem, Dragonfly, is included in this great collection of short stories and poetry about the issue of bullying.  As in all Inklings Children Division books, educator material for each selection as well as questions and activities across the tales are included to help parents and educators spark conversations about this issue as well as enhance the reading experience.


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