Fern Brady

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     Fern Brady is the founder and CEO of Inklings Publishing.  She began her professional life as a foreign correspondent, taught for 15 years in Alief ISD, and is a full-time Realtor in Houston. She has published numerous short stories, two children's picture books, a couple of poems, and is excited about the upcoming release of her debut novel, United Vidden, which will be book one in her Thyrein’s Galactic Wall Series.  She is an active member of the Houston Writers Guild, with whom she served as CEO for four years, and currently serves on the board of Authorology, a non-profit organization which helps authors in a variety of ways. She is also a member of Authors Marketing Guild as well as of Blood Over Texas and Romance Writers of America. 


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Lady Nefari Ydarb

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     Lady Nefari Ydarb was born in the year 25 IR (Imperial Reign) in Soane City on planet Jorn. The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Soane, Lady Nefari has trained as a rajin and serves as an adjunct to the Rajin Conclave on behalf of planet Jorn. In 65 IR, she was appointed by Emperor Orlic to the committee on Intergalactic Animal Rights and Humane Treatment of Subhuman Species.

     On one of Lady Nefari’s trips to Houston, TX, she met Fern Brady, of Inklings Publishing, and the friendship grew over the years. Having been published throughout Thyrein’s Galactic Wall, Lady Nefari showed her work to Fern, who is now adapting Lady Nefari’s writing for an Earth audience. 

     Lady Nefari lives with her husband, Prince Straif, and their two children, Princess Cateline and Prince Fraedy on Ghoukas, a moon in the Audelk galaxy. Lady Nefari enjoys spending her days off with her dogs, riding on her trusty mare, and reading or writing in the cozy library of her home.