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Love's Call Book Launch Time!

It is so exciting to be on the verge of a second book launch. The first was in 2020, with the release of United Vidden. The book is the first in Thyrein's Galactic Wall series and the main story line of the events of the Intergalactic Alliance of 51 planets.

Love's Call bring a new series to readers. The Dragon and His Kitten series is a science fantasy romance set in the universe of Thyrein's Galactic Wall. The events take place before United Vidden on planet Gelderant. Though it is a separate series, the characters and their fate will have a major impact on the final resolution of events in the main line series.

Hope you can join me for the release party on Saturday, February 25 on Inclined Publishing's Facebook page starting at 8pm. Oh and don't forget to wear your tiara!


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