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Love's Call Pre-order Is Coming

Book 1 of The Dragon and His Kitten series, Love's Call, will be on pre-order starting July 1st. It will be available for pre-order exclusively through Indie Bookstores as a physical copy during the month of July. The official launch date will be November 26, and I will share more on the event details for where you can catch up with me, if you're in Houston, to get your copy signed.

After Christmas, it will be released as an ebook as well. We will have special pricing the weekend of the ebook launch so those who prefer ebook, but supported the Indie Bookstore push with a physical copy purchase, can get it for 99 cents as my thank you for your support of local small businesses.

More details will be shared as they become available. Here's the tentative cover. It hasn't been finalized yet, but I wanted to share it with you here on my site first.


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