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My Organizations and Podcasts

Head of Houston Writers Guild

I returned to the position of head of the Houston Writers Guild, a local nonprofit organization that has served authors for many years. As part of this role, I am pleased to work with the board to bring contests, conferences, and other offerings as well as resources to the writers in Houston. Check out the amazing work this organization is doing

Author Talk Podcast Host


I'm glad to be a part of the podcast show Author Talk. This show airs live on Facebook and Youtube on Monday mornings. You can check out our interviews with amazing authors by clicking the link:

THE Hot Mess Express Podcast Host


Join me and my co-host, Aimee Ravichandran, each Wednesday at ten AM as we go live on Fern Brady, Author Page on Facebook. We share snippets of our lives and the chaos that happens behind the scenes. As business women, we keep an image of professionalism and perfection in public, but making life work successfully can be a fun, chaotic hot mess behind the scenes. 

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